Only pure & natural products

Personal Care Products that contain no harsh additives or petroleum byproducts are our number one focus.

Our Story


Primrose Valley is a beautiful rural area 45 km south east of Canberra and 33 km from Queanbeyan. Annie & James have a small olive grove of approx. 300 trees with another 90 being planted in spring. Their first real harvest was in May 2019. A feat they would never have achieved without some 'slave labour' aka. Granddaughters Kennedy and Hazel

Bottling of the yield

The yield was only tiny, barely 15 litres, but you would never had thought so by the puffed out chests and big wide smiles of Annie & James.

It tasted sensational! This was verified by their family and friends who sampled it for them.

Although there was not enough to sell of the 2019 harvest, they are hoping to to add Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the Primrose Valley Naturals range next year.


Value adding

The discovery that Olive Oil is commonly used in natural personal care products led to hours, days, weeks and months of research into essential oil ingredients for natural products. On discovering the harmful nature of supermarket and pharmacy products we put on our skin and therefore absorb into our bloodstream has turned Annie into an Essential Oil nerd - don't get her started.

About Primrose Valley Naturals

Personal Care Products that contain no harsh additives or petroleum by products are our number one focus.
Using 'Australian Certified Organic' products where available is our highest priority.
Passing on our knowledge of the enormous benefits of Essential Oil remedies is our greatest passion.

Where it all began

It all started with an internet search for a bulk supply of sorbolene cream to which essential oils could be added to produce a natural hand lotion, as supermarket brands were proving unsatisfactory. This search uncovered a basic recipe of vegetable emulsifying wax, vegetable glycerine and olive oil, which has become the base of our hand and body lotion. Further research and self testing discovered the amazing remedial benefits of Essential Oils.

We became hooked...

Where we are at

Our introductory range consists of:

  • Hand & Body Lotion with Almond Oil and Lavender Essential Oil
  • Body Wash with Orange Oil and Rosemary Oil
  • Hand Wash with Lemon Oil & Tea Tree Oil
  • Roll on deodorant with almond oil base
  • Lip Balm with Shea Butter and Peppermint oil
  • Essential Oils for Aromatherapy
  • Essential Oils for remedial topical application