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Best Natural Foot Cream for Cracked Heels You Can Buy

A lot of the medical community don’t consider cracked heels to be a serious medical condition. And in one sense they may be right – it is doubtful that you’ll ever be calling an ambulance or turning up to the emergency room for your heel cracks, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a significantly frustrating and painful condition! They are also an extremely common foot condition experienced by roughly 20 percent of adults at some point in their life.


Cracked heels can have a considerably negative affect on your quality of life, causing pain while you walk, restricting the footwear you can use, and they often have an unsightly cosmetic look. In some severe cases, the cracks can become infected and cause even more additional pain and inflammation.

So regardless of how ‘minor’ the condition is considered medically, we know how important it is for you to get fast relief and a cure to stop the pain and heal the cracks. This is why we are committed to making the best natural foot cream for cracked heels that you can buy.

Foot cream and heel balms are usually the first line of treatment for cracked heels and will quite often be the best line of defence if you notice cracks beginning to form. But with so many products around to choose from, how do you know you are choosing the best foot cream?

We are big believers in natural treatments and ingredients. The cracks in your heels are a direct line into your body and internal physical systems. Any chemicals or unnatural ingredients you put on them will quickly be soaked up by your body and could have other effects on your body and wellbeing.

The risk of using artificial chemicals, fragrances and other unnatural ingredients is simply unnecessary when mother nature has given us such a wide array of natural solutions that are safer for our bodies and wellbeing, as well as being far more sustainable for the earth it is derived from!

The ingredients in our natural foot cream for cracked heels are completely natural, but with all the healing benefits of other creams on the market.

Here is a look at our key active ingredients and what they do

Shea Butter

Shea butter is the leader in natural remedies for cracked heel creams. For example, it is an excellent emollient, meaning it is rich in fats that are absorbed quickly by dry cracked skin, so it moisturises while it works, stopping any other cracks from forming. It is inflammatory, so it will reduce redness, itching and discomfort quickly. It also has a plethora of other active elements and properties including:

  • Essential fatty acids (used for moisturising)
  • Antioxidants (including Vitamin A and Vitamin E that improve skin elasticity and suppleness and are known for being skin healers)
  • Oleic, linolenic, stearic, and palmitic acids (that promote natural collagen production for healing and nourishing skin)
  • Antimicrobial properties (that inhibit bacteria growth and reduce the risk of infections)

Shea butter is actually so good that it is often recommended on its own as a natural remedy for cracked heels. But we didn’t stop there – we took all these benefits and combined them with some other natural remedies to create the best natural foot cream for cracked heels money can buy.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another big part of what makes our natural foot cream the absolute best! It’s naturally hydrating, contains nonabrasive exfoliant properties that will help to remove dead skin cells (that cause cracked heels in the first place!), is antibacterial and a natural source of fragrance so we don’t have to use anything artificial like many other products do.

Beeswax, Magnesium Chloride and Peppermint Oil

All our other ingredients are naturally sourced and have multiple benefits they bring to our foot cream. They are additional sources of moisturizing, healing and anti-inflammatory properties that are specifically combined and designed to bring fast relief without any harsh or unnatural chemicals that supermarket brands and big pharmaceutical brands often use.

If you are looking for the best natural foot cream for cracked heels, you don’t need to look any further than our Primrose Valley cracked heel cream. It can heal painful foot cracks and rejuvenate flaky dry skin within a matter of days.

Using this foot cream, you can trust that you are using the best natural ingredients for your feet and entire body, while choosing to support a sustainable and Australian family-owned business who are passionate about natural healthcare and skin care solutions.