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Cracked Feet Remedies: Top 5 Treatment Options

Cracked feet is an extremely common problem experienced by a huge portion of the population. Young and old, men and women – heel cracks can happen to absolutely anyone. They can be painful, sore, irritating and incredibly frustrating.

This makes cracked feet remedies an extreme necessity. Walking around in pain or kicking off your shoes to find unsightly lines and cracks is not something anyone wants!

There are lots of cracked feet remedies and treatment options to choose from. Our list of recommended treatment options is here to help you on your way to fast relief.

  1. Stop the source

We all know prevention is better than a cure, but if you’re looking for a cure already it’s probably too late for that. What it’s not too late for, however, is working out what is causing the cracks so that you can stop them from getting any worse or getting any new ones while you start other treatments and look for other cracked feet remedies.

So what could be causing your cracked heels? There is a wide range of causes and they can happen to absolutely anyone (although it is thought to be slightly more common in women rather than men).

Cracked heels usually start with callouses and areas of thickened, dry skin around the edges of your feet. As your feet expand and contract over time and with movement while you stand and walk, those calloused areas can begin to crack.

Things that are known to exacerbate and encourage cracked heels include:

  • Standing for long periods of time
  • Walking barefoot or wearing sandals for long periods of time
  • Wearing shoes that don’t fit your feet properly
  • Using harsh soaps that strip your feet of their natural oils

At the end of the day, the callouses that create the environment for cracks on your feet is caused by lack of moisture, so the first port of call for prevention is to keep your feet moisturized, exfoliated and healthy.

  1. Foot cream and heel balms

Foot creams and heel balms are the most popular and often most recommended cracked feet remedies. This is because they can contain healing, moisturizing and exfoliating properties all in one remedy – so long as you choose the right type of cream!

What makes a foot cream the right one? You want something that will promote healing and protect your feet, that is also natural and free from chemical and artificial additives. After all, the cracks in your feet are a direct line to your body’s immune and operating systems, so whatever you put on them is going to be absorbed quickly and have an effect on your entire body, not just your feet.

Our cream for cracked feet is one of the remedies that is packed full of nature’s natural solutions for painful, tender feet, to promote entire body health and wellness.

Shea butter, for example, is one of the key ingredients that is a moisturizing emollient, anti-inflammatory to reduce redness and discomfort, rich in antioxidants including vitamin A and vitamin E, contains natural acids like oleic, linolenic, stearic and palmitic acids that promote natural collagen production for healthy skin, is antimicrobial to help prevent infection and is used for healing other ailments like cuts, burns, eczema and dermatitis. And that is just the benefits of only one of the many natural ingredients in our cream! Shop our natural remedy foot cream today.

  1. Foot Soak and Exfoliation

Getting rid of the calloused skin around the edge of your feet is an important way of healing cracks and stopping any more from appearing. Soaking your feet and then exfoliating them is a great way to do this.

Soak your feet in warm water for up to 20 minutes and then use a foot scrubber or pumice stone to remove the hard thick skin. You can add things to the water to make it more effective but avoid any unnecessary chemicals or soaps that will end up drying out your feet and putting you back at risk of cracked heels anyway.

Some natural foot soaks could include apple cider vinegar foot soak, honey foot soak, or a milk bath.

  1. Liquid Bandages

A liquid bandage may be necessary in cases where the foot cracks are quite extreme and bleeding. The spray-on bandage coats the cracks and seals in the bleeding, preventing anything else from getting in the cracks at the same time.

These are not natural solutions, and we encourage trying the natural route first to avoid any unnecessary chemicals and solutions that could carry negative consequences for the rest of your body. Though not entirely natural, there are times, however, that this remedy may be necessary, and it has been proven to be effective for some people whose cracks are causing bleeding.

  1. Medical Advice

If the cracks in your feet are quite severe, persistent, or infected, it will be beneficial to seek medical advice from a health professional to ensure the proper treatment. Home treatments are usually all that is needed for standard cases, but in severe cases, it is important to get medical support. This is particularly crucial if the cracks are caused by an underlying health condition (like diabetics whose high blood sugar and poor circulation can cause cracked heels). If you have a health condition or are concerned or worried about your health, you should always seek professional advice from a doctor.

There are clearly lots of different cracked feet remedies to try, but for fast and natural relief we recommend trying our natural foot cream treatment. This cream is made to heal painful cracks and rejuvenates flaky dry skin within a matter of days. Treat your skin and cracked heels with our natural, chemical-free balm that soothes and revives tender, sore feet.