Cracked Heel Remedy – How it came about – Annie’s Story

Around November 2019, when Primrose Valley Naturals was just starting up, a friend of my husband James asked if we did a Cracked Heel Cream, he was using one with Peppermint Oil, but was finding it hard to source it because only one store in Canberra sold it.  I then proceeded to research the internet for a recipe and came across one published by my favourite Alternative Therapy Doctor.  As James goes barefoot every chance he gets during the warmer months, he had the worst cracked heels of anyone I had ever known, making him the perfect ‘guinea pig’.  The result was outstanding!  Overnight the pain disappeared and within days there was significant healing of the cracks, with them being completely healed within 2 weeks.  I took photos of the results, BUT did not think to take ‘before’ photos – that was the summer of 2019/2020.

Come the summer of 2020/2021 James volunteered to neglect his heels until they became bad enough for ‘before’ photos (my brave warrior).  By the end January he was begging me to take photos because the pain had become unbearable – you can see why

After one application, as before, the pain disappeared.  The following is the result of only 1 week’s daily application.